Please note that students from the Arts and Science department of any college are not eligible to register for the Technical and Non technical events.

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What's the Idea?


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Apr 21 2023

12:00:00 PM

Venue will be intimated later.

Team Size: 1-3

Event Description

"Make us reimagine the future of Technology". What's the Idea? - is a platform to present your Ideas / Prototype / Working Model from any IT Domains in our Biggest Forum. Don't miss out the opportunity of showcasing your talents to Emerge Victorious.

Event Rules

Participants should come with their Institutional ID cards on the day of Presentation.

They need to submit a Hard Copy of the Abstract on Event day.

Each team must bring their Hardware / Software Toolkits.

Presentation time - 10 Minutes(each team).

Projects being presented must be a original work.

Decisions of the Jury shall be treated as Final.

A team can be of an individual or maximum of three.

Entry Fee : ₹ 200

Student Coordinators

Mr.Nithin Aravapalli




Ms.Vaishnavi Jayaraman


Staff Coordinators

Mrs.R.Sathya - AP(Sr.G)/CSE

Mrs.S.Lakshmi - AP/CSE