Please note that students from the Arts and Science department of any college are not eligible to register for the Technical and Non technical events.

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Binary Brawl


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Apr 21 2023

12:00:00 PM

Room No.502, BMS Block

Team Size: 2-3

Event Description

Binary Brawl is an exhilarating and competitive event that tests the technical skills and knowledge of the participants. The event is divided into three rounds, each with its unique format, designed to challenge the participants abilities and teamwork. In the first round, Byte-sized Brain Teasers, participants will be given a set of questions related to technological innovations and techy entertainment. The questions will be presented through a Google form, and the participants will have to answer within a 15-minute timeframe. This round will test the participants knowledge and analytical skills. In the second round, Code Combat, participants will be asked to write algorithms for real-time problems or situations displayed on a projector in a PowerPoint format. This round will test the participants coding and problem-solving abilities. The third and final round, The Binary Brawl, will be a one-on-one brawl with rapid-fire questions in a buzzer round format. Brainstorming technical questions will be asked, and teams will be given a certain time to answer the question. The first team to buzz the buzzer gets the chance to answer. This round will test the participants' quick thinking, teamwork, and ability to perform under pressure. The team with the highest score at the end of the three rounds will be declared the winner of the Binary Brawl. The event promises to be an exciting and unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators alike. Get ready to showcase your technical knowledge, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities in the Binary Brawl!

Event Rules

Each team must consist of three members.

Each round will have a time limit, and participants must complete the challenge within that time frame.

The jury decision is final and binding on all participants.

Participants caught cheating will be immediately disqualified.

Each team should have a captain who will represent their team.

Entry Fee : ₹ 150

Student Coordinators



Mr.N.V.Jaya Krishna Reddy


Ms.Kalpitha S V


Staff Coordinators

Dr.J.Jospin Jeya - AP/CSE

Dr.K.Lalitha Devi - AP/CSE