Please note that students from the Arts and Science department of any college are not eligible to register for the Technical and Non technical events.

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Apr 21 2023

12:00:00 PM

MLCP LAB 1 & 4

Team Size: 1

Event Description

The event will be a medium to showcase your designing skills and ideas using virtues & techniques of digital designing. It will be a design contest on UI/ UX- Figma.The Rules for the contest are mentioned below. The cherry of the cake is the ice breaking technical blogging session. This session benefits developers, engineers, or those working in the technical field who: Are unfamiliar with writing online posts or technical blogging techniques, Have something valuable to share with their professional peers, Have unique ideas and want to transform it into research papers. Bringing art to the cart, get ready to sharpen your creative skills and transform your imagination into reality with us!!

Event Rules

All participants are required to bring a laptop.

There will be a design contest with 2 rounds of judging.

Round 1: Mobile application UI Design. Eligibility: This round is open to all designers who have experience in mobile UI design.

Round 2: Website UI Design. Eligibility: This round is open to all designers who have experience in web UI design.

The design should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Participants must choose one of the given topics for both the rounds.

Use of templates is not allowed.

Plagiarized work will be disqualified.

Pre- designed works won't be considered.

Duplication of other participant's designs will be considered as invalid.

Entry Fee : ₹ 50

Student Coordinators

Mr.Prayasu Satapathy




Staff Coordinators

Mrs.P.Sabitha - AP/CSE

Dr.V.Gowri - AP/CSE