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By Texus

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Apr 22 2023


Room No.503, BMS Block

Team Size: 5

Event Description

AdSmash is an intriguing event that is all about fabricating and scintillating ad for a given product. The event comprises of two rounds and participants will be shortlisted based on their performance in the first round. Round 1 - It tests the basic knowledge of the participants on company names, logos and slogans. A set of 15 questions to find the product for given logo, slogan and brand ambassador. Round 2 - It is the final round and is solely an enactment round where the participants will be given a topic with property. Each team would be given 5 mins to prepare and the performance should be for 3 minutes.

Event Rules

Every team must consist of only 5 members.

Using of mobile phones during the event will lead to disqualification.

The performance must be decent without any vulgar act.

3 teams will be awarded based on their performance.

Judges decision is the final.

Entry Fee : ₹ 250

Student Coordinators





Staff Coordinators

Ms.T. Archana - AP/CSE