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Call of Duty Mobile - Battle Royale

By Texus

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Apr 21 2023

12:00:00 PM

Room No.503,504 & 505, Admin Block

Team Size: 4-5

Event Description

Codm is a mobile shooter released by Activision. The game offers multiple game modes like Multiplayer, Battle Royale and Zombies and a wide variety of items to use to become the best of them all.

Event Rules

Ipads/Tablets/PC/Controllers are banned

Players should only use the account they registered with

Teaming up, Usage of Scripts/Hacks and Toxicity is banned.

The game will be played is isolated map of BR

Their will only be one match a 4 member squad 100 player match where the points will be based on kills and position each kill is worth 2 points and each position from 10-1 carries 1 point each

Entry Fee : ₹ 200

Student Coordinators

Mr.Nandhakrishnan P


Mr.Dominic Steve




Staff Coordinators

Dr N. Suganthi - AP/CSE