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By Texus

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Apr 21 2023

1:00:00 PM

Room No.304, Admin Block

Team Size: 1

Event Description

Shipwreck is a debate competition. There's a common scenario here: The ship is sinking, and the Captain has only one Life-Jacket left. You are on the ship with other famous celebrities/ fictional characters/ hypothetical characters. Sink into the given character and try to escape from the sinking ship by using your impressive, convincing skills and prove that you deserve the only Life-jacket. Make yourself appear prominent and better than any other person/ thing on board to win the Life jacket and eventually win the event. The participants are judged on content, humour, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.

Event Rules

Participants are required to produce college ID without fail.

Language of communication can be in English, Tamil and Hindi.

Participants will be given time of 2 minutes only for explaining and trying to convince the captain that they(characters) are worthy of the jacket.

Score will be reduced if someone exceeds the time.

Non-parliamentary words are strictly prohibited.

Entry Fee : ₹ 50

Student Coordinators

Mr.Manoj A

75501 69983

Mr.Ram A

94443 63809

Mr.Vishal S

94458 64253

Staff Coordinators

Dr. Urmela - AP/CSE

Mrs.L. Sasikala - AP/CSE