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Alice in Borderland

By Texus

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Apr 21 2023

1:00:00 PM

Room No. 204, Admin Block

Team Size: 1

Event Description

This game is based on the series “Alice In Borderland”. The games are partially modified. The games that are present are: Round 1 -Solitary Confinement (Jack Of Hearts) Round 2 - Osmosis (King Of Clubs) Round 3 - Balanced Scale (King Of Diamonds)

Event Rules

Participants are required to produce college ID without fail.

The registered participants should be present on time, each participant will be called 3 times before the start of the game. If failed to appear, the participants will be disqualified.

The players who passes the round will be moved to the next rounds, those who fails will be eliminated.

Entry Fee : ₹ 100

Student Coordinators

Ms.Reena Sharan E


Ms.Preetha N


Ms.Varshini V.S


Staff Coordinators

Dr.M.Maha Sree - AP/CSE

Dr.C.Saravanan - AP/CSE