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By Texus

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Apr 22 2023


Room No.401,402,403 BMS Block.

Team Size: 3

Event Description

CINEPHILIA is a Game Event based on MOVIES and SONGS, which has 3 rounds. ROUND-1: Participants should find the MOVIE NAME by Connecting the Pictures which will be displayed. ROUND-2: The SONG should be found out by listening to its BGM. ROUND-3: Impromptu Round which will decide the Winners of the event.

Event Rules

Participants are required to produce college ID without fail.

ROUND-1: Based on Tamil and English Movies.

ROUND-2: Based on Tamil, Hindi and English songs.

Choose your team of three members wisely, so that you can answer all the questions.

First two rounds will be Buzzer Rounds.

Whoever presses the buzzer first, gets the chance to answer.

Marks will be provided accordingly.

FINAL ROUND: is an impromptu round, whose rules will be announced on spot.

Entry Fee : ₹ 150

Student Coordinators

J. Jayanth


A. Josephine Jovita


S. Geeth Vamsi


Staff Coordinators

Ms. Bennet Praba


Dr. V. Gowri