Please note that students from the Arts and Science department of any college are not eligible to register for the Technical and Non technical events.

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By Texus

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Apr 22 2023


Room No.201,202, Admin Block

Team Size: 1-4

Event Description

This event is a photography event. The main goal of the event is to recreate any college/ highschool scene from any movie or series. The scene recreated should be submitted along with the scene selected by the group. The scene should be recreated only in the college premises. Places will be provided where participants can shoot their scene/ recreate their scene.

Event Rules

Participants are required to produce college ID without fail.

Participants must only shoot their scene in the given premises.

Filters and color grading tools can be used.

No extra objects or pictures must be added in the final output.

Entry Fee : ₹ 150

Student Coordinators

Mr.Rohith MN


Ms.Varshitha Priya


Mr.Jayanth Venkat


Staff Coordinators

Dr. C.G.Balaji - AP/CSE